Food Solutions

The Metcalf Foundation in Ontario, Canada has just published five new reports that tackle the deepest issues in food, land, and agricultural justice facing Ontario communities. These reports, collectively titled “Metcalf Food Solutions” were created through intensive research and interviews with stakeholders in the Ontario food system. Together, they contain recommendations for protecting rural and urban land to grow food, building a thriving local food and farming economy, creating jobs and infrastructure, and supporting healthier Ontarians demanding locally-produced food.

The five reports are available in PDF form on the Metcalf website: 

Menu 2020: Ten Good Food Ideas for Ontario

New Farmers and Alternative Markets Within the Supply-Managed System

Nurturing Fruit and Vegetable Processing in Ontario

Scaling Up Urban Agriculture in Toronto: Building the Infrastructure

In Every Community a Place for Food: The Role of the Community Food Centre in Building a Local, Sustainable, and Just Food System


Photo by Natalie Maynor

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