TAKE ACTION NOW: Demand Fair Investigation of Berta Cáceres’ Death and Security for COPINH

Dear Concerned Community,

Please support an independent international investigation into the murder of Berta Cáceres and security for COPINH.

COPINH denounces the Honduran state’s manipulation of the investigation into the murder of Berta. Along with Berta’s family, COPINH demands a monitored and transparent international investigation by independent and impartial experts – critical to ensuring that the perpetrators and architects of Berta’s murder be brought to justice. They further demand security for all members of COPINH and change in US policy toward Honduras to stop the human rights crisis.

Please send a letter to Honduran and embassy authorities demanding security for Berta’s family and COPINH members, and to halt the criminalization against COPINH.

Every letter, email, call, mention in social networks is important to ensure a transparent investigation into Berta’s assassination, and support the ongoing struggles of Honduran defenders of justice and human rights.

Morever, COPINH and Berta’s family are in need of donations for their work in this crisis. Please make a tax-deductible donation via Rights Action today. Every penny will go straight to Honduras.

For further action steps, please visit BertaCaceres.org.

In solidarity,

Other Worlds

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