Food Justice and Food Sovereignty Organizations call out “Our Food is Not a Commodity” at upcoming US Social Forum in San José

Bellingham, Wash., June 9, 2015 – Food justice and food sovereignty organizations from the West Coast to the Midwest will converge for a People’s Movement Assembly (PMA) later this month at the upcoming US Social Forum in San José, California. The PMA, titled on Food Sovereignty: Our Food is Not a Commodity, will take place on Saturday, June 27th at 2 pm at the Washington United Youth Center in San José.

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President of Honduras Promotes “Utopian Vision” Based on Violent Land Grabbing at San Francisco Event



Contact: Karen Spring, Honduras Solidarity Network, Tegucigalpa, Honduras, 011-504-9507-3835

Contact: Porfirio Quintano, Honduran activist, Bay Area, California, 415-994-3711

Contact: Karolo Aparicio, EcoViva, Bay Area, California, 510-835-1334

President of Honduras Promotes “Utopian Vision” Based on Violent Land Grabbing

at San Francisco Event

OAKLAND, Calif., June 8, 2015 – Honduran president Juan Orlando Hernandez will appear in San Francisco on June 8, 2015. The president will be promoting his anti-democratic vision of “Charter Cities.” These are areas within Honduran territory where Honduran law does not apply, which are instead governed by foreign governments and corporations.

Bay Area residents will turn out to protest this assault on Honduran sovereignty, and the context in which the Charter Cities are being proposed. That is government repression, violence, and impunity, backed by strong US political and financial support.

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G7 food initiative driving hunger in African countries, say global civil society groups

3 JUNE 2015. Politicians and executives from some of the world’s biggest agribusiness companies are today meeting in Cape Town, South Africa for the leadership council of the controversial New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition. On the same day, a coalition of a hundred farmers organisations, social movements, unions and civil society groups around the world have released a statement calling on the G7 and African governments to stop supporting the New Alliance.

The policies of the New Alliance have been criticised as they “facilitate the grabbing of land and other natural resources, further marginalize small-scale producers, and undermine the right to adequate food and nutrition.”

Launched by the G8 in 2012, the New Alliance provides aid money from the G8 countries and helps big business invest in different countries in the African agricultural sector. But in return, African countries are required to change their land, seed and trade rules in favour of big agribusiness companies.

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