Tunisia World Social Forum to blast austerity

Cross-posted from Al Jazeera

By Yasmine Ryan

Activists say global finance undermines democracy as participants meet to discuss economic and social problems.


As tens of thousands of activists from around the globe converge on Tunisia for the World Social Forum (WSF), the annual counter-hegemonic meet where opponents of neo-liberalism, free trade and austerity rally together, there will doubtless be some hard questions asked about what more ordinary citizens can do to push for greater social justice.

Over the past three years, the planet has been rocked by some of the most extensive protest movements in more than a generation.

From Cairo to Dakar, from Wall Street to Nicosia, protesters can shake and occasionally even oust politicians, but contesting the global economic status quo is a far greater challenge.

The slogan of this year’s forum, which runs from March 26 to 30, in keeping with the spirit of Tunisia’s January 2011 uprising, is dignity.

Most Tunisians describe their uprising as a struggle for dignity