URGENT ACTION: Ensure the Safety of Honduran Afro-Indigenous Community in Resistance

Please take a few minutes to take action to help our Garifuna brothers and sisters on the coast of Honduras working to reclaim their land, which for them is their life. OFRANEH, the Black Fraternal Organization of Honduras, has organized the peaceful occupation. Send an email (see text you can copy into email below) or make a call (Spanish speakers). Learn more about the on-going Afro-indigenous Garifuna’s Land Reclamation Campaign.  

From Agricultural Missions staffer Stephen Bartlet
sbartlett@ag-missions.org   502 896 9171 home office

Lovers of Justice and Supporters of the OFRANEH Land Reclamation campaign:  ALERT!

     We have just received word that the land remediation in Vallecito, Colon department, Honduras is to take place over three days starting tomorrow, Thursday Sept 13, if the government officials fulfill the written obligations that have been emitted.  The security forces of the local police are supposed to be sufficient to guarantee the safety of the Garifuna people and their allies in Vallecito during this process. 

     However, unofficial communications on the ground have indicated that there very well could be a LACK OF WILL on the part of the local police forces to fulfill what has been promised on paper following negotiations with President Lobo. (the interests that influence or control the Honduran government particularly at the Departmental level are extremely cloudy and corrupt…)  If insufficient police come to accompany the land remediation, the safety of the Garifuna in the area cannot be assured.  OFRANEH’s leaders are aware and very worried about this possibility.  (We know how heavily armed and trigger happy are the usurpers in the area, paramilitaries and guards of known narco traffickers).

     To further complicate matters, the very police forces being requested to provide security for the Garifunas are also implicated as part of a recent repression campaign in Bajo Aguan,  under operations implemented together with the Honduran military under Xatruch III.

     Therefore, we are asking all allies and supporters of this campaign to pick up the phone and use the email addresses below to send more messages of solidarity along the lines of: 

Sufficient police forces need to be assigned to the Remediation of Garifuna lands to assure their safety!  This must occur during the remediation and afterwards when the lands are the be restituted to the legal owners of the land, the six Garifuna cooperatives!

In spanish for emails:  Es sumamente importante que los policias que acompa

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