EcoViva Women’s Empowerment trip to El Salvador


From our friends at EcoViva: 

EcoViva invites women from all walks of life to come on our Women’s Empowerment trip to El Salvador from December 2-8, 2012.   By offering an up close look at positive grassroots changes happening in rural El Salvador, the trip is designed to inspire, inform and motivate women to be changemakers in our society.  We will have meaningful conversations with inspiring women working for change at all levels of society — from rural cashew collectives to the halls of the Salvadoran legislature.    We will take a boat ride through the largest mangrove forest left in Central America — fiercely protected by local community Mangrove Guardians, visit beautifully diversified family farms, and release baby sea turtles at sunset from a community-run sea turtle hatchery on gorgeous, windswept beach. From our friends at EcoViva:

First Victory for Afro-Indigenous Garifuna in Defense of the Land Campaign!

Latest communique from OFRANEH coordinator Miriam Miranda

We succeeded in breaking the gate of shame in Vallecito!!  We are achieving the re-surveying of our lands!!

3:28 p.m.  eastern time, (2:28 Honduran time)  Thursday, September 13, 2012  


At this very Moment we have advanced our struggle.  We are almost finalizing the process of re-surveying the lands of the 5 Production Cooperatives of the Garifuna People in Vallecito, lands that were in the hands of the widow of Reynaldo Villalobos, who lives in Icoteas, Lim