The Story of Change: Watch the New Video!

Check out Annie Leonard & the Story of Stuff»s latest short movie, The Story of Change!

Watch it here, and read about Annie’s motivation for creating the piece. Cross-posted from The Story of Stuff Project’s website.

I used to think the truth would set us free. Like many who care about the environment, I spent years thinking that information would lead to change. So I wrote reports, gave speeches, even testified before Congress.

Some things changed. Sadly, the big picture didn
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Garifuna of Honduras Planning to Reclaim Land: History and Defense of Vallecito Campaign

The text below was written by OFRANEH, Fraternal Black Organization of Honduras, and translated by Stephen Bartlett of Agriculatural Missions.

The Garifuna people arrived 215 years ago on the Caribbean coast of Honduras, after having been driven out of the island of San Vicente in the Lesser Antilles by the British. Today we live in 47 communities located mostly in deltas, estuaries, coastal strips and coastal hills.

Afro-Indigenous Hondurans Reclaiming Stolen Land Call for Our Support Now!

The Fraternal Black Organization of Honduras (OFRANEH) calls for international support as it plans to reclaim communal lands stolen from them. Specifically they request financial support for their planned Land Recovery campaign. Funds raised will go directly to OFRANEH to use for legal accompaniment and communications during and after the campaign. See below for an open letter by Agricultural Missions, a US-based ally helping raise funds for OFRANEH. 
Checks made out to Agricultural Missions (with the word Garifuna in memo line) can be sent to AMI, 475 Riverside Drive, Suite 810, New York, NY 10115 or you can go to our website and contribute using  Paypal:

“Under Tents”: International Campaign Launch for Housing in Haiti

«The quantity of people who are homeless in Port-au-Prince today is not acceptable. We need the support of other governments, like the US, to demand that the Haitian Government create a social housing plan. We are looking for allies to help our advocacy. We are asking simply for quality homes where people can live.» – Jackson Doliscar of the grassroots group Force for Reflection and Action on Housing (FRAKKA).

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