URGENT ALERT: Take Action for Families at Risk of Forced Eviction in Haiti

Alert from Amnesty International

Hundreds of families living in a camp for internally displaced people in Carrefour, in Haiti’s capital Port-au-Prince, are being harassed and intimidated and are at imminent risk of forced eviction.

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BIRTHING JUSTICE: We Have Everything We Need Already: Community Control of Education

By Beverly Bell

Shilpa Jain |Rajasthan, India and California, USA
At Shikshantar, we are trying to support the shift from a money-dominant globalized culture to a more small-scale, relationship-focused culture.

My grandmother never went to school, she never knew how to read or write, and she was such a wise and brilliant woman. She was incredibly creative, could come up with songs and dances and games right on the spot. She had tons of practical knowledge on herbal remedies and healing practices, and she was the most environmentally conscious person I know. Nothing ever went to waste; she would always make something out of anything. For her, everything was connected, and all life was important, from the ants, to the dogs, to the cows, to human beings. Because of her, I started asking about and looking for more of that kind of grounded knowledge.

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