Unstable Foundations: The Human Rights of Haiti’s Displaced Persons

Three new reports have been published on the conditions in the displaced persons camps currently housing an estimated 1.2 million Haitians.

Mark Schuller and the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti have published an outstanding report on the estimated 1.5 million internally displaced persons currently living in Haiti.  Based on six weeks of research in 100 refugee camps in Haiti, the study questions the impact of international aid, and the role of ngo’s in providing services, shelter, and an opportunity for democratic leadership for displaced persons.

You can read an overview of the study in the Huffington Post, and read or download the whole document on the IJDH website.

IJDH has also published a second report on the camps, «We’ve Been Forgotten. Conditions in Haiti’s Displacement Camps Eight Months After the Earthquake

Finally, Refugees International has published their own account «Still Trapped in the Emergency Phase,» detailing the current conditions in Haiti, assessing the reconstruction process, and providing policy recommendations.