Water is where everything intersects

By Marcela Olivera. There have been a series of policies implemented in Bolivia intended to privatize our natural resources. One of these directly impacts people’s everyday lives; it’s the move to privatize water by giving multinational corporations contracts on municipal and on all sources of water supply. In Bolivia there was a huge public outcry against this in 2000 and 2005, and in the end we were able to reverse the policy. Now that’s the official, romanticized version of what happened, but nobody sees what’s happened since then.

Water issues are related to other, urgent things that are happening now in Bolivia. Water is the one issue where everything intersects; it crosses over into political and economic issues in every region and in every country. People’s struggles over water are also about having their voices heard, having better living conditions. I think it’s really important that we get that. Even the fact that Evo Morales is president of Bolivia now is really a result of the water war that broke out in 2000.
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