We Have Everything We Need: Reclaiming Control of Education

By Shilpa Jain.   At Shikshantar, we’re trying to support the shift from a money-dominant globalized culture to a more small-scale, relationship-focused culture. We want to encourage people to rethink education and development. Our philosophy springs from the Gandhian principle of Swaraj, which refers to self-rule. It’s the links among all beings and the responsibility to take care of one another.

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Not Wasting the Waste

By S. Ushakumari.  Zero waste came to Thanal, an environmental justice organization, as an alternative to the current waste-management paradigm. That paradigm is about burning or burying, actually wasting the waste itself.

Tourists like to visit the coastal town of Kovalam, but in the past 10 to 15 years since globalization hit, the state of Kerala has been having problem of plastics and waste excess. The figures showed that the tourist flow was actually going down in Kovalam because of waste. The government had what it thought what was a good idea: burn the waste and make it disappear like a miracle.

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