Project for a Participatory Society

Participatory Economics, or Parecon is an economic theory centered on participatory decision making and presented as an alternative to market based capitalist economies.  A group of economists and theorists have come together to form an international organization dedicated to envisioning and promoting participation across all aspects of society. Both initiatives have generated a wealth of writing, interviews and analysis exploring how cooperation and participatory decision making could change the ways we relate to each other and the economy.

You can read more about Participatory Economics at the Parecon website.

You can read more about the International Project for a Participatory Society on the IPPS website or on the website of the UK Chapter of the project.

Social Economy in Quebec

While in the U.S. the idea of Solidarity Economy (a loose definition of business and non-profits that are democratic and that prioritize the well being of people and the planet) is a relatively new one, in Quebec Solidarity Economy (or Social Economy as they call it) is a well developed, government supported sector of the economy. The social economy in Quebec represents over 65,000 jobs in 6,000 organizations, 2,300 of which are cooperatives. It is a well organized system of cooperatives and non-profit organizations providing social services, community development, and job creation.

Learn more about Social Economy in Quebec in this talk by Nancy Neamtam, the director of the Social Economy Workshop in Quebec.